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Description: Our business model is founded on this principle. People are lazy! Yes we believe the rest of the world is as lazy as we are. OK, we’re not really lazy, just the opposite. We just have too much going on to stop and read website text. Given the choice who wouldn’t choose watching a great video over reading a page of text. That is what inspired us to create animated web videos for mobile apps, and other online businesses. If you’re near 40, MTV killed your attention span years ago. If you’re under 40 you never really had much of one. With this in mind we believe in shooting for that magic number of 60 seconds to make a point. The longest video we will do is 2 minutes. We know that anything longer than 2 minutes will go unseen. We even put a coupon for a free Ferrari in a video at the 2:30 mark. So far we haven’t given

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Posted: 8.06.2011


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