About CSS Mix

CSS Mix is an online resource and inspiration guide for web agencies, designers and developers who take interest in websites that combine the powers of design, web standards and CSS. Web standards are recommendations set by the W3C as to how web sites should be constructed to work better for everyone. CSS is the acronym for Cascading Style Sheet and describes how a html document is displayed or printed. The basic idea of web standards and CSS is to separate content from presentation – an effective way of producing beautiful and functional websites for the internet.

CSS Mix aims to promote, discuss and inspire the fast and furious web audience in the area of design, CSS and web standards – combined. We want to show you that good design and web standards are two sides of the same coin. CSS Based aims not only to promote the finest and most beautiful websites that uses CSS and web standards, but also to engage you as a visitor to learn more about the technologies and how they can help you build better web sites.

What are the submission guidelines?

These guidelines are preferably followed as close as possible.

  • The design must be of high quality. Not just on a programming level – but also on a graphic design level.
  • Appropriate tags should be used for markup, that means tables are for tabular data and divisions for content separation etc.
  • The site should be viewable and readable in most modern web browsers and there should be a true separation between content and presentation using CSS. (we love responsive designs, it is a big plus for your site)
  • The site should be visually appealing and have some sort of content – not just a template design.

You don’t have to be the designer or author of the site you submit, it could be any site on the web. Credit will be given to the site submitter as well as the designer of the site. Use our submission form to submit the site and please be as descriptive as possible.

What are the benefits of paid submission?

Paid submissions are always on our priority list and get reviewed in 24 hours.

  • We will tweet your site (follow us on twitter @cssmix_net )
  • You will get a quality do-follow backlinkSEO issues

Please note we will not accept every site that is paid, it must match our criteria. CSS Based is not a link selling site!

How can I create a full screen screenshot?

Your screenshot can be any size lower than 7mb and upper than 640px width and png format.

Do you give out awards?

No, CSS Mix does not give out any awards in a general sense. However, we do accept submissions for our promotion gallery. If the submitted site meets our criteria, we will put it up in the gallery and let our visitors vote for it. Each month the highest ranked site will get a special spot in the All Stars section. You could call this an award, but the general public are the judges and no stars or badges are handed out.

Can I submit a site for the promotion gallery?

Yes, and we encourage you to do so. Just make sure the site meets our criteria. Use our submission form to submit a site, but please note that there is a chance the site won’t get it into the gallery.

What are the rules for posting public news?

CSS Mix now features an experimental public news column on the front page where anyone can post anything related to design, web standards and other news relevant to our users. In order to keep this column working, relevant and ad/spam-free, several cautions have been taken. Here are the simple rules to follow:

  • You may post a maximum of three news items per day.
  • A base url can only be featured once per 7 days.
  • Please keep the news items related to design, web standards and css.
  • Maximum chars in title: 200.
  • The Urls are spam protected using a broad blacklist filter.
  • Avoid self-promotion.

Most of these rules are taken care of automatically by the system, but if you break or hack these rules we will add you to the ban-list. Please don’t.

What about advertisement?

Yes, we have it. We have to pay our hosting bills. If you are interested in putting your ad here and reach 200.000 pageviews per month, read more about advertising options here. Contact us for advertisements info@cssbased.com

Comment Guidelines

Generic “this is nice” or “this is crap” will be deemed unuseful to the discussion and deleted. I am not setting up a communist site, but one that allows for quality discussion on the design merits of the site. If their is something about the design you do not like, feel free to express your opinion, but please provide justification so that everyone may benefit. Same thing goes for if you have something nice to say.


This site is designed and managed by kaviDesign .

How do you pick the sites?

Well first they have to be done in CSS. Tables can only be used for tabular data. Second they just have to look good to me. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so I do not expect every site that is posted to be liked by everyone or even anyone. Also do not expect a site to be posted just because you sent it in.

With the large amount of submissions I get daily and the increasing number of showcase sites, getting your site into the Vault will now be more challenging. I look for use of color, typography, white-space, IA and how they all fit overall in the site’s structure.

Can I submit any site that I think is good?

Sure you can. It just doesn’t have to be your site, it can be any site on the web that you think is useful.

Do the sites have to validate?

No, but it is a plus to get picked

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